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TweetNSleep Twitter Unblockable Posting Software
« on: November 05, 2012, 08:23:22 AM »
Automate Your Tweets and Internet Marketing with TweetNSleep Twitter Automation Software

Automate Your Tweets and Internet Marketing with TweetNSleep Twitter Automation Software

Make Twitter posts in your sleep to automate your internet marketing and free advertising campaign. Free yourself to develop more products to make even more money online....

Click Here to View The Video If You Cannot See It Above

* No Complicated Scripts to Install

* Run Right From Your Computer While You're Away Living Your Life

* Improve Search Engine Rankings By Following My Formula of Automation

* This Software Has Given Me Over 1000 Followers By Doing The Exact Opposite of What Gurus Tell You to Do!

Aloha Friends,

Do I sound like you?

My name is Rick Kirkham and I'm a busy family man just like you may be. Between running my own business as an in home and office computer tutor here in Honolulu and raising an almost 11 year old son (as of writing this) I barely have time to promote my online work.

So, being a bit of a programmer, I wrote software to automate my Twitter posts to announce my products and services. I had no idea what other Twitterers would think of me sending the same announcements every hour, so like any good writer, I made a pen name.

I Admit in The Beginning I Tried Something I Wasn't Supposed To Do

I won't go into it, but I had heard the method would drive lots of Twitter traffic to my website. My options were:

Piss a few people off but pay my bills


Don't pay my bills

Well, that didn't work anyway. I got traffic, but not the targeted traffic I needed.

Then I came up with a formula that got me automated targeted Twitter traffic

No one had ever done this before so I fully expected to be kicked out of Twitter within a week or two.

Instead I ended up with over 1000 followers and getting spidered on the search engines increasing my search engine rankings and backlinks!

I Did Exactly What I Was Told Not To Do

I sent advertisements and article announcements

I didn't socialize with other tweeters

I followed my automated formula

And my jaw dropped. It was working.

What Does TweetNSleep Twitter Automation Software Do?

Just like it sounds. It uses your Internet Explorer browser to automatically post your tweets for you. Go to work, take the family out to dinner or even go to sleep while TweetNSleep advertises for you. This program is NOT designed to spam Twitter. Limit your tweets to an ethical amount. I do not suggest setting your timer between rounds of automatic tweets less than for one hour. Remember, you want to look confident, not desperate.

For those of you not completely convinced TweetNSleep Twitter posting automatic internet marketing software will advertise for you and help your search engine rankings as well, I'll submit advertisements for you on Twitter twice a day for one week! Click Here for Details ....

I'm Not Sure If I Should Allow This Twitter Automation Software To Be Downloaded

I'm concerned about competition. This is my main marketing method. So here's what I'm going to do to slow down lightning fast downloads of this marketing software.

Start with An Instant Download Price of $89.95 Those “marketers” unwilling to spend money to increase their own business just left.

As TweetNSleep Twitter Automation Software Becomes Too Popular Raise The Price to $149.95

As it grows in popularity after that I'll increase the price more to slow down downloads of TweetNSleep

One more thing I'll do. As a family man I cannot afford to have people stealing my work. Therefore you would receive store credit only from my various websites if you don't like TweetNSleep giving you free advertising in your sleep. The “thieves” have just left the website.

Are You Still Here?

Good. Now that the riff raff have left, I'd like to offer a bonus to you which will tell you exactly how to ethically use TweetNSleep AND Dominate The Search Engines with Other Methods As Well!

I've just updated my downloadable book, How I Dominate The Search Engines. It's full of every single trick I've ever picked up online. I updated it to add my Twitter formula, but found a couple more ideas that needed to be included as well. This book sells for $49.00 on it's own! (Google martial arts ebooks and you'll find me number 1 and 2 as of writing this under KirkhamsEbooks/MartialArts)

So, I'm going to throw in my book How I Dominate The Search Engines with your instant download order. Since I'll be raising the price soon after so many downloads, I don't want to repeat the order link so please scroll up to order while this software and the bonus book are available at this price.

Affiliate Program Available

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